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Robbery can be committed in any one of these four basic ways

  1. Stealing from someone, and using violence or threats to stop them from resisting the stealing
  2. Stealing from someone, and immediately before/during/after, beating or using another form of violence on the victim
  3. Assaulting any person with the intent of stealing from them
  4. Being armed with a weapon, and stealing from them

What You Need to Know

If you have not been charged yet, and are only being investigated at the moment, it is important to note that in all likelihood the police will be against your release (bail) once you have been arrested. This is one of the reasons that it is very important to contact an experienced criminal lawyer, as your possible release from custody plays a significant role in your case. We know how to act quickly and effectively to give you the best possible chance to be released from custody as soon as possible.

The (Potential) Sentence for Robbery

Robbery is not a light charge. If you are convicted of robbery charges you are looking at a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. However, certain types of robbery charges come with specific mandatory minimums:

  • You are facing 4 years if it can be proven that a firearm was used during the robbery (5 years if the firearm was restricted or prohibited)
  • You are facing 5 years if the prosecution can show that the robbery was committed in connection with a criminal organization

See below for the general breakdown of sentence ranges in Alberta for robbery:

  • Street level muggings
  • The Prosecution may seek a sentence of at least 1 year in custody
  • Convenience store robberies
  • The Prosecution may seem 3 years in custody (even if the perpetrator has no prior convictions). The Prosecution often seeks this high of a conviction in hopes to deter offenders from preying on businesses
  • Home invasions
  • For robberies when the offender targets people in their own home (and when the offender is armed and executes a premeditated break-in), the Prosecution often seeks a minimum of eight years in custody


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