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Timothy Foster, Q.C.

Timothy Foster, Q.C.

With 32 years of experience, Timothy Foster, Q.C., has an unparalleled reputation for defending his clients against all manner of criminal offences, with a special focus on impaired driving litigation.   

Having represented thousands of clients across Western Canada, Tim has established an enviable trial record, successfully arguing defences relating to warrantless seizures, police abuse of process, and countless breaches of his client’s Charter-protected rights.

Result Based Strategies
Timothy understands that his clients need results. With this in mind, he approaches each file with a must-win mentality when developing his game plan. Whether this be negotiating with the Crown for an early resolution, expertly cross-examining witnesses at trial, or introducing novel arguments, Timothy relies on his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to develop the best strategy moving forward.

Trial Experience
Timothy has spent the last 30 years in trial courts, having ran thousands of trials. He has unparalleled experience in trial preparation and cross examination, and is known as a tireless advocate. Timothy has defended individuals charged with the most serious of offences, including murder, manslaughter, criminal negligence causing death, and aggravated sexual assaults.

Impaired Driving Litigation
Timothy is a renowned authority on all matters relating to impaired driving litigation. He has focused his career on dissecting and analysing each step in the impaired driving investigation, finding errors and mistakes often overlooked and using these key findings to secure victories both in and out of Court. Developing novel arguments, Timothy has appeared at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, on issues relating to impaired driving litigation and the accuracy of the breath testing equipment employed in Alberta and Canada.

Queen’s Counsel
As a highly regarded member of the criminal defence bar, Timothy was granted a Queen’s Counsel designation in 2016. This designation recognizes the significant contribution Timothy has made to the practice of law through advocating for his clients, mentoring members of the bar, and volunteering within his community.


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