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Criminal appeals

What is a Criminal Appeal?

In short, if either party disagrees with a judge’s decision, they can ask the Provincial or Territorial Courts of Appeal, or the Federal Court of Appeal, to review the decision. If the appeal is allowed, it can reverse (or change) the judge’s decision or a new trial may occur. For an appeal to be granted, the person appealing must prove that the judge’s interpretation of the law or the facts has an effect on the outcome of the case.

The process of a criminal appeal is complex and requires a highly qualified and experienced criminal lawyer. Many criminal law firms do not conduct criminal appeals simply because of the expertise they require, the demanding timelines, and the specific filing rules. A great deal of preparation is required for a criminal appeal. Often times thousands of pages of transcripts must be read, alongside hundreds of hours of research and the drafting of written arguments.

Our firm is prepared, experienced, and ready to take on your criminal appeal. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the process of moving forward with a criminal appeal, contact our office right away.


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