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Legal disclaimer

Accessing information on the YYC Criminal Defence website does not create a lawyer-client relationship. All materials on the YYC Criminal Defence website are provided for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute legal advice or an opinion on any issue. The information may no longer be accurate as a result of the passage of time or changes in the law or subsequent court decisions. Although we endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the information, it should not be relied upon without receiving advice from an actual lawyer.

Privacy Disclaimer

YYC Criminal Defence does not distribute personal information that is provided through our website – We keep all information confidential; we do not solicit, send junk email or sell contact info to mailing sites. Any information you send us is strictly received and protected for internal use only.

Association of Independent Practitioners

Kaitlyn Perrin and Michelle Parhar are independent legal practitioners working in association with each other. When you hire either of the lawyers at YYC Criminal Defence, that lawyer is solely responsible for your legal matter and any monies transferred.

Professional Corporations

Kaitlyn Perrin operates under her professional corporation, Perrin Kaul Professional Corporation.


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